About us

My first interactive lesson plan and worksheet was done on PDF in 2012. It was about recycling. No one really saw it, but it was the first of hundreds of online lessons, videos, puppet shows and typos.

In 2014 with financial support from private tutoring, choreographing, consulting, writing and whatever else I thought I could do, DanieTeach was registered. With a student body of 30 private students and 1 contract teacher, we managed to continue to build our online learning platform for Afrikaans.

Currently we have over 45 private students, 500+ individual content users and 10 teachers teaching most subjects either online or at one of our hubs.

With our online teaching platform, we provide a workable structure for learners to learn from home. We make use of Google Classroom where students receive weekly scheduled work, weekly interaction with qualified teachers and feedback on assignments. Google Meets allows us to connect throughout the school day with the learners, making sure they have all the support they need.

The DT hub micro learning centres provides a classroom space for your child to attend if you prefer a combination of online and face-to-face teaching. With an 8:1 learner-teacher ratio, your child attends an intimate class environment that creates a happy learning space for everyone. From as young as 4 years, our learners learn through play, experience, discussions, guidance and very importantly develops online etiquette naturally that will equip them for their future endeavours.

We are a forward thinking team with a parent and teacher body that together support our learners to be confident decisive leaders and kind human beings.